SECTION 1: Front Counter Customer Service Survey

In order to provide you with the best service possible, the Office of the Registrar would love to hear about your most recent contact with us. Please fill out the following survey to assist us in identifying our strengths and areas where we can improve.

1.  What was the date of your visit? *
2.  What was the time of your visit? *
3.  I am: *
4.  Name of Office of the Registrar staff who assisted you (if known):
5.  Reason for your most recent visit:
6.  Did the Registrar staff greet you in a courteous and friendly manner? *
7.  Please rate your level of satisfaction for the following items: *
  ~Very Satisfied~Somewhat Satisfied~Neutral ~Somewhat Dissatisfied~Very Dissatisfied
Timeliness of service
Helpfulness of staff
Knowledge of staff
Staff attentiveness
8.  Overall, I would rate the quality of the service I received as a: *
9.  If you were less than totally satisfied with your experience, what could have been done to serve you better?
10.  If you would like for us to follow up with you regarding your customer service experience, please leave your contact information below.