Extension and College of Agriculture Template

Template Options

The Extension template has several layout options for the homepage content. If your site is on the Extension template, check out the following examples and options.

Extension Homepage: The main Extension site features a main banner pod, and two smaller pods below. The main pod runs via news blogger, which also feeds the News & Multimedia list on the right. This set up also facilitates a calendar plugin feed on the right. 

Utah 4-H Horse Homepage: 4-H sites have a few options. You may use the pod features or not, depending on your needs. 4-H sites have a green banner option, and the 4-H logo in the banner. The logo links to the main 4-H site. This logo is optional, as you may insert a banner image that conflicts with the placement of the clover.  

College of Agriculture Homepage: The College of Ag has a couple of features that are specifically intended for departments under the College. With approval, you may use these features. They include the brown top navigation bar and the grunge highlight around the body of the content.

Beaver County 4-H Homepage: This homepage example shows that you can add content with no pods at all. The page does have right box navigation set up, which you can do simply by choosing Right Box under the Placement tab. 

Left and Right Widget Pods

The left and right pods are referred to as widgets. The images are pulled from pages.

1.  To get the pods to appear, insert a new level one page.

2.  Title the page.

3.  Under the Placement and Attributes tab, select Left Widget or Right Widget, depending on where you want it to appear. Keep in mind you can only have one active page in each position. 

4.  Under the Content tab, insert an image that is 267 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. To make the pod a link, highlight the image, click the Insert/Edit Link button, and enter the URL. 

5.  Click the Status tab, mark the Active radio button, and click Save Changes. The pod will now appear on the homepage. 

Top Banner

No matter what template options you chose, the Extension template has a top, blue bar called the top banner. You have the control to change the images in this banner.

1. Create an image using Photoshop or another photo editing tool. You'll need to include the blue fade or any other effects you want to appear in this process. The entire banner is 970 pixels by 111 pixels, but ezPlug is programmed so you can change the logo, the image, or both.

2. For the logo change, make sure your image is 384 x 111 pixels. If you change the logo, then it is your responsibility to comply to USU and Extension branding rules. For more information on USU branding, check the marketing site. Upload the logo image into the image manager for your site. Open the logoSite folder and upload the image there. It wil automatically show up on your site.  

3. For the banner image change, create the image. Make sure the image is 586 x 111 pixels. Upload this image into the headers folder. To find this folder, open the image manager, then the folder named 'site'.  

4. View your site. Make sure the banners are working and visible. If you need any assistance, contact the Support team at pad@usu.edu.